Thursday, May 23, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction - Accident

  Man I'm starving, I hope mom went grocery shopping today. If she did, I'm grabbin' a bag of oreos and a glass of milk and not budging from in front of that TV. I wonder what's on the After School Spe... What the...? Nobody usually even notices when I come home, now I got half the friggin family standin' on the front porch lookin' at me.
 Wait, what's dad doing home?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

5 Sentence Fiction- GOGGLES


 Jessie pulled herself out of the warming pool, stretched her long, muscular arms high above her head, brought them down, then shook them out. The move was meant to loosen her up, but she found the familiar  motion calmed her nerves as well.

   As she made her way to the starting block, chants of  "U-S-A"  vied for  attention   among the raucous calls of the global spectators.
  Reaching down between her feet to set her start, a chorus of  "We love you, Jess!" found its way above the din.

  A hint of a smile enhanced her determined stare as the horn sounded.

Monday, May 6, 2013

5 Sentence Fiction - FESTIVAL

Odhran sat and watched anxiously as the seanfhear paused to light each of the colorful  lanterns along the forest path.

  "Under the Grandfather Oak when the last pink of the setting sun has left the sky" the one-eyed man had whispered in his ear as he helped the others gather wood for the Beltaine fires.
 A warm flush had colored his cheeks at the words. Aideen promised when last they met to get word to him and she was true to it, as always.

  When the seanfhear continued around the bend to be seen no more, Odhran leaned his head against the ancient, rough bark and lost himself in thoughts of Aideen's soft, brown eyes and hopes of things to come.