Friday, May 16, 2014

Five Sentence Fiction - INNOCENCE

  He locked the apartment door behind him and  tucked the key in the pocket of his backpack then tossed it next to the pile of shoes in the hallway. Sliding the kitchen chair across the floor to the counter, he climbed up and took the peanut butter down from the second shelf. Most days he made a sandwich, but today he just dug the big spoon into the jar and began to eat; Power Rangers was coming on soon and he didn't want to miss one second of it.
 The phone rang and for an instant he considered not answering it, but knowing there'd be hell to pay if he didn't, he picked up.
He glanced up at the clock striking 4 and looked longingly at the television as he said "Yeah mom, I'm fine".

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Five Sentence Fiction - FURIOUS

  Head pounding and hands shaking, she slams the lid on her suitcase. Tears continue to fall even though she physically tries to will them away. She paces between  nightstand and window, then grabs her things and heads for the door. Stopping mid stride, she begins frantically searching through her purse. She pulls out a well worn love letter and  places it under his forgotten cell phone, and Janet's text asking him what time he'll be over.